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Golden Based Guides

All of our Golden guides reside in the heart of the Columbia mountains.

With vast experience and local knowledge, we are excited to share our skills and passion for the backcountry with you!


Ty Mills

Ty Mills  started All Aspects Alpine seven years ago with the dream of creating the safest, fun, inspiring guide company in Western Canada. Ty has been living and playing in the Mountains around Golden for the last sixteen years. Driven by a love of nature and a passion for ski/splitboard mountaineering he has developed a healthy respect for the mountains and a depth of experience from years of adventures.

Ty balances his winters between Heli skiing with Eagle Pass, working as a Splitboard Guide at Golden Alpine Holidays, guiding at 40 Tribes Backcountry in Kyrgyzstan, teaching courses and guiding backcountry adventures based out of Golden B.C.

In summer he can be found working in his garden or cruising many of the same alpine bowls on his Mountain Bike.




Aaron Enns

Aaron has over 10yrs experience ski touring in local ranges like the Rockies, Purcells and Selkirks. Previously Aaron has worked winters for Cat and Heli ski operations, as an avalanche forecaster for industry and as a mountain safety member at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. Currently Aaron is a guide at Golden Alpine Holidays, and one of All Aspects Alpines top guides.

When not skiing you an can find Aaron pursuing other activities such as mountain biking, trail building, gardening, music and painting. His art can be viewed at various businesses in the region.

Aaron has a love for sharing the mountains with others, and looks forward to new adventures.



Louis-Charles Mignault-Dionne

Originally from Quebec city Louis has been living in Golden and exploring the Mountains of BC and Alberta for the last 15 years. Louis worked on the Kicking Horse Resort Pro patrol for many years before moving on to Canadain Mountain Heliskiing. Louis has a depth of knowledge and familiarity with our local mountains that’s hard to beat.
In the summer you can find Louis working as a pilot for Harbour Air in Vancouver BC.



Nigel Fisher

Nigel has been exploring the backcountry on his split board for 10 years now and eagerly awaits more adventures in the mountains. He has 9 years experience with Mountain Safety at Kicking Horse Resort and now guides at Great Canadian Heli Skiing and Last Frontier Heli Skiing. He’s excited to be with All Aspects Alpine so he can share his passion for the snowy peaks with you!



Mark Herbison

Mark works for Glacier National Park as a Visitor Safety Technician and is well on his way to becoming a full Mountain Guide. He worked on the Kicking Horse Resort Patrol for five years before moving onto the Glacier National Park team of Forcasters prior to his Visitor Safety Position. We are really excited to have Mark join All Aspects Alpine this again this season and share his love of the mountains with you.



Stan Metcalfe

Stan is based in Golden BC. Stan is also a registered Physio Therapist and all around great guy. Stan has been skiing the mountains around Golden for the last 15 years and is the perfect guide to show you some of the best places in our region for Backcountry skiing. Stan is a very experienced ski guide with years of Heli ski and ski touring under his belt. He currently works at Eagle Pass Heliski , AAA Backcountry Guides and healing people at his clinic in Golden Element Therapeutics.

Revelstoke Based Guides

Our Revelstoke guides live nestled between the Monashee and Selkirk mountains, famous for deep powder and steep mountains.

Rogers Pass links our two favourite mountain towns and is a mecca for backcountry skiing and splitboarding.

ACMG Full Ski Guide

Eric Dahlberg

Eric has been backcountry skiing and mountaineering in the Selkirk and Monashee mountain ranges for the past 10 years. Also, with experience ski touring in the Rockies, Coast and St. Elias mountain ranges. He currently works for Last Frontier Heli Skiing, Eagle Pass Heli Skiing and is stoked to be joining All Aspects Alpine again this season. Eric currently lives in Revelstoke, BC and has a real passion for ski touring and backcountry adventure. He looks forward to sharing his love for the mountains with his guests at All Aspects Alpine.


A.C.M.G. SKI GUIDE (splitboard)

Chris Spicer

Chris has been guiding Backcountry skiers and boarders for the last six years working for Eagle Pass Heliskiing, and Big Red Cats. He has lived in Revelstoke B.C. for the last 8 years and has a passion for backcountry adventures in the Columbia Mountains.

Chris is known for his easy smile and boisterous enthusiasm.


A.C.M.G Apprentice Ski Guide

Elliot Stonehouse

Elliot has called Revelstoke his home for the last 10 years working, playing and guiding in these amazing mountains.Sharing the skin track with new friends and shredding the word class powder are what keep him happy and drives his passion for winter backcountry guiding. Elliot has been working for AAA Backcountry Guides the last 3 years and has been guiding at Eagle Pass Heliskiing for the last 5. We are stoked to have Elliot on our team.


A.C.M.G SKI GUIDE (splitboard)

Stephen Zorn

Steve Zorn approaches guiding as a way to gather knowledge and experience in the back-country environment. He has pursued guiding formally with TRU adventure programs and personal based trips in the Coast, Columbia and Rockies ranges. Steve enjoys sharing the natural history and botany of local regions. He finds excitement in exploring terrain with both beginner and veteran touring enthusiasts. Steph works at Eagle Pass Heliskiing and All Aspects Alpine.


Canadian Rockies Guides

Our Canadian Rockies guides reside in the largest mountain range in Western Canada.

Familiar with these exceptional natural surroundings, Canadian Rockies guides work in 5 of Canada’s most famous National parks.

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